Sri Binaman


We thank you most sincerely for giving us an opportunity to introduce our company for the above services on your prestigious premises.

Sri Binaman Sdn. Bhd. is a professional company established it self into a significant force in the environmental industry.  Sri Binaman Sdn. Bhd. is dedicated to the delivery of client specific services to the highest possible quality.

The company is known for its innovation and excellence within the industry on every aspect of the service delivery process.  Sri Binaman Sdn. Bhd. growth has grown at quite a rapid stage within a short time frame, developing into some strong clientele base. Its depth of management, with wide experience in the industry, is probably unequaled hence it is perceived to be major competitors to the other companies in Malaysia.

Sri Binaman’s focus is on providing services that is efficient, effective and competitive. Sri Binaman recognizes that its growth will depend on the quality of the services provided. Sri Binaman has a commitment to meet and try to exceed the needs of the quality and performances are integral and built intoevery aspect provided by Sri Binaman. Quality maintained through the introduction of continuous improvement processes, good client liaison and sound communication channels between client and staffs will be enhanced.

To achieve the stated level of services Sri Binaman offers a strong emphasis on the employees. Sri Binaman believes that a high level of productivity, positive staff moral and motivated can be achieved by good selection practices and an investment in on going staff training and development. Staff are valued and rewarded for their dedication to quality performance and is built into the team approach adopted by Sri Binaman. Sri Binaman maximizes client benefits with trained personnel who work with up to date and specialized equipment.

We, Sri Binaman Sdn. Bhd. are fully committed to provide a consistently high standard of quality services. With our well train staff, supported by advanced equipment and our professionalism in this field, have earned us a good reputation as a provider of “Total Quality Services

Please be rest assured that every effort will be made by Sri Binaman Sdn. Bhd. to provide a clean and comfortable environment, should we be given the opportunity to provide services of your prestigious premises. We assure your goodself that the jobs entrusted to us are handled with utmost care and attention.

We hope that our introduction will meet your stringent requirements and look forward to work with your company to participate in your maintenance services.